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This Hit Video Series Will PROVE That QuickBooks Is better For Lanldords Than Any Real Estate Rental Property Software; You Just Need To Know How To Use It!!

Join the thousands of happy property owners who used QuickBooks to smoothly and easily keep financial records of every aspect of your rental properties. If you follow all the easy steps demonstrated in this simple-to-follow course, you will soon be an expert in QuickBooks regarding anything that a landlord, property manager and rental property owner could possibly need!

You don’t need any prior knowledge of QuickBooks, Accounting, bookkeeping or computers, in order to easily master the areas of QuickBooks needed for keeping rental property management records.

Why is it so great?

  • You will learn how to record in to QuickBooks every possible situation or transaction type that a Landlord or Property Manager could possibly encounter.
  • You will receive the clearest possible explanation for every individual QuickBooks video class.
  • You will be able to download and use the QuickBooks files that are custom made for each individual video, so you can follow step by step and get the exact same results.
  • You will be able to guarantee accuracy and find and fix any possible bookkeeping mistake.
  • No prior knowledge of QuickBooks, Accounting or Computers needed
  • Unlimited questions via email to the course creator of the course (Mark) for the course material. Yes, I’m so sure that you will understand everything in the course that I will answer any and all course-related questions via email at WORLDWIDEQUICKBOOKS@GMAIL.COM
  • 10 Day Money Back guarantee if not completely satisfied


What QuickBooks Topics will you learn?

  • QuickBooks File Set-Up from Scratch for a Rental Property Company
  • Designing and giving rent receipts to tenants
  • Recording rent payments
  • Recording automatic invoices for rent earned
  • Getting details of a tenant’s payment records
  • Applying tenant’s payments to rent invoices
  • Manage past due rent and problem tenants
  • Calculating Income, expense, and profit and loss by apartment
  • Applying tenant’s deposits to expenses that tenant’s cost you
  • Refunding pre-paid rent when good tenants move out
  • Recording Deposits from Property Management Companies
  • Recording and Managing Property Leases
  • Recording Purchase, Sale and Property Improvements for “Flipping Houses” and “Flipping Property”
  • Calculating and Recording Mortgage Payments, Interest and Escrows.
  • Finding and fixing any mistake in your QuickBooks records
  • Special Topics for Mobile Home Community Owners to be in compliance with State Regulations for Billing Electricity and “Bed Tax” for Manufactured Homes
  • How to “Write Off” a tenant who becomes uncollectible
  • Using the Management Tools in QuickBooks such as the: Reminders, To Do lists, and Calendars.


How much does the Landlord’s video course cost?

Now, Reduced price of $125

Having trouble funding the course? Email me and we will talk.


Mark Smolen – QuickBooks Instructor

Mark Smolen is a certified instructor and the creator of the QuickBooks Instructional YouTube Channel and Website.

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QuickBooks Online

Macinstosh Course

Now, QuickBooks For Landlords includes “Universal QuickBooks Tools” that ANY type of company could benefit from. You will learn things like:

  • Charging Tenant’s Credit Cards
  • Paying Expenses By Credit Card
  • Printing Checks From QuickBooks
  • Managing Tenant’s Bounced Checks
  • Bank And Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Co-Mingling Business And Non-Business Funds And Transactions
  • And Many More!!!!


Special Videos For Mobile Home Community Owners For Challenges That Go With Renting Manufactured Homes

Be In Compliance With State Regulations For Utility Charges And “Bed Tax”

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